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Whispers of Love - eBook Final.jpg

Can I fake date my best friend if my feelings for him are real?


Chase West is like the sun, and all I want to do is burn. He knows everything about me—except that I’ve had a crush on him since we were five.

When Chase asks me to be his fake boyfriend to get more livestream views, I’m happy to oblige. Even if we’re only playing pretend. But when I lose a bet with him and his viewers ask us to kiss, I know I’m not imagining the heat between us. 

Now we’re snowed in with nowhere to run but into each other—and the truth.

The snow will vanish in a few days, but I won’t let our love go with it.


Whispers of Love is 18k words of swoony instalove and steamy friends-to-lovers fun, featuring two cute gamer guy roommates sharing an explosive first-time experience.

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Racing Into Love - eBook Final.jpg

Derrek’s kiss floods me with excitement. Falling for him is a risk. I just have to be willing to take it.


My relationship rut ends when pro racer Derrek Luna speeds into my cozy bookstore and crashes the end of a disastrous date. He’s way too risky to fall for, but I can’t ignore the sudden sparks between us. It doesn’t take long before we’re head over heels for each other, and we’ll need that love to cross the finish line. 


Lap 1: Derrek wants to settle down and stop racing. The woman who runs his life on the track refuses to lose her star without a fight.


Lap 2: The closer I get to Derrek, the angrier my ex-turned-best-friend gets. Is he...jealous?


Lap 3: Someone broke into my bookstore. I’m starting to wonder if Derrek’s exes ghosted, or if someone convinced them to disappear.


But I’m tired of playing it safe, even if being with Derrek is risky for more than just my heart.


Racing into Love is a low-angst contemporary M/M instalove romance. Opposites attract in swoony, steamy ways before a guaranteed HEA. It is suggested this series be read in order. Content warnings include: on-page panic attacks. 


Fighting For Love - eBook Final.jpg

Stolen moments with Seth aren’t enough. If he can’t run from his jealous, jilted boss, we’ll fight him together.


From the second I trip over my own feet and fall into Seth’s lap, his touch is electric. When he kisses me at the top of the Ferris wheel, I’m done daydreaming about my ex-boyfriend turned best friend, Aiden. Seth is a muscular mystery I’m dying to solve. I know he wants to explore every part of me, too, but there’s someone standing in the way.


Seth can smile with me. He can laugh, cry, feel. When we’re together, nothing else matters but the heat between us. The walls around his heart are to protect us both, but I’m more than soft and sweet. I can be dangerous, especially if it means fighting to free Seth from living under Nik’s manipulative thumb.


It’s a whirlwind romance, and I’m throwing myself into the storm. 


Fighting for Love is a low-angst contemporary M/M instalove romance. Opposites attract, bringing together a daydreamy twink and mysterious muscle boy in swoony, steamy ways before a guaranteed HEA. It is suggested this series be read in order.


Acts of Love - eBook Final.jpg

Why did Alex kiss me? He’ll forget about me in a week, but I’ll remember the taste of him forever.


He’s just a popular jock looking for an easy A to keep his scholarship. Acting is all I have, even if I’m always in the background. Being forced to partner with campus hockey god Alex Hayes for our drama final will end in disaster.


When someone suggests we act in a love scene, Alex jumps at the chance. I refuse—until he convinces me with a kiss that makes me feel like we’re invincible together. The sparks between us are bright, hot, and leave me hungry for more. 


If all we have is one week, I’m taking center stage to put on a show with Alex neither of us can walk away from. Even if I don’t know how to say it, he needs to know I’m in love.  


Acts of Love is a low-angst new adult M/M instalove romance featuring a shy theater nerd and a confident college jock connecting in swoony, steamy ways before a guaranteed HEA. It is suggested this series be read in order.


Visions of Love - eBook Final.jpg

My world has been black and white since Ethan died. Connor is an explosion of screaming color. Can I love Connor and finally be free of my grief...and my guilt?


I didn’t think I’d meet flirty Scottish artist Connor May at an exhibit of his own work. I didn’t think I’d follow when he pulled me by the hand away from his rabid fans. I didn’t think our accidental kiss would stir the butterflies in my chest I haven’t felt since losing Ethan.


My feelings are undeniable. But am I falling for Connor, or is he so much like the dead ex-love of my life that I’m still in love with a ghost? I’m all-in when I chase Connor into a thunderstorm for a blistering kiss that leads to more, and I know he loves me, too. 


Will Connor feel the same about me when I tell him about my ex—and that it’s my fault Ethan died?


Visions of Love is a low-angst contemporary instalove romance. Opposites attract as sparks fly between a grief-stricken grumpy barista and a flirty Scottish artist made of sunshine. They connect in swoony, steamy ways before a guaranteed HEA. It is suggested this series be read in order. Content warnings include: loss of a loved one.



How can I write an epic love song if I’ve never been in love?


Step 1: Chase a bird all the way to Gael, the sleepy-eyed rich boy teasing me with every strum of his guitar.

Step 2: Let the tattooed florist charm me until I’m jerking it in his guest bedroom to get him off my mind (and follow my heart into bed with him when that doesn’t work).

Step 3: Fall even harder when Gael brings me to his secret spot outside the city for a sunset picnic that leaves us breathless and bound to each other. 

Step 4: Stop being afraid of my feelings. It was love at first note, and Gael knows it. For him, I’ll write the love song of a lifetime like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Sounds Like Love is a steamy, low angst MM instalove bonus story in the Cut To The Feeling series. This was previously available as part of a giveaway. No new content has been added.

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