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Two ex-best friends.
Fifteen painful years apart.
One hell of a heart-pounding reunion.


Jasper Fox was my first friend, my first fantasy, and my first heartbreak. When I confessed my crush at seventeen and he pulled away, I got scared and left town without saying goodbye. Fifteen years later, we’re both back in Sugar Hills, and all I want is closure. But when he proposes a flashback tour through our friendship, all my feelings come flooding back.

When our reunion leads to romance, is the fall worth the pain of losing Jasper again?


By the time I realized I'm not so straight, Cole was gone, and I was confused and alone.

Now I’m back home, between jobs, and looking for a second chance. I need Cole to know he was never just my best friend. The closer we get, the less I want to be without him, even knowing I’ll eventually be leaving town again for my dream job. Maybe it’s my turn to put my heart on the line so I can prove to Cole my feelings are real.

I didn't know how to catch him when we were kids, but I'm finally ready for one last fall.

Catch Me If I Fall is a best-friends-to-strangers-to-lovers, second chance, MM romance that also features meddling friends, a curious library cat, and a fluffy fall small town Canadian setting. It's low angst, swoony, steamy, and packed with tons of early 2000s nostalgia.

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